Dream On

I just have to follow my dreams. I mean, what if the inventor of dippin dots was like “I have this idea of dripping cream through nitrogen and making space ice cream, but alas, I think I’ll stick with regular ice cream, it’s just good, comfortable and readily available”. Then you’d become one of those people who talks about all their dreams and what could have happened and people nod and say “yeah” but they don’t give a fuck. Then you go home and start crying into your happy meal, because you just haven’t had the appetite for a quarter pounder. You sob with happy meal in your mouth and let out a “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN” and frantically look around for some kind of ghost of Christmas past to take you to the life you should have had. But no, you look over and see your two goldfish. One of them has died, you just haven’t gotten around to flushing it. #dreamon



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