When I was Little I Wanted to be an Acrobat

When I was Little I Wanted to be an Acrobat

When I was little I wanted to be an acrobat. My teachers were like, well, what else do you want to be? An Acrobat, isn’t a real job. Thinking back it was probably because I was a fat kid, but who knows. Teachers were always sharting on my dreams. So I said I wanted to be a maid. My grandma had a maid and when I stayed with her over the summer I would follow her maid around the house while she cleaned and just talked to her. I thought wow, what a cool job. Just chill all day at different peoples houses and just get to have conversations with them, that’s what I always did anyways. That, and Amelia Bedelia was my hero. I read all her books, she always got herself in a crazy frenzy getting into random things, trying to beat daily monotony. If I couldn’t be an acrobat, I definitely wanted to be Amelia Bedelia. “Well, that’s not a real occupation either, do you think you may want to be a teacher?” I knew I definitely didn’t want to be a teacher, I wanted to be fly through the air or be Amelia Bedelia. I ended up writing about how I wanted to be a teacher, because I was one of those people who always wanted to make everyone happy and always wanted good grades.

I grew up in Texas and people really didn’t humor creative ideas. I was also a good kid, so they probably thought, she’ll figure out how the world works. I didn’t really. Once I started riding scary roller coasters I realized I didn’t want to be an acrobat, and slowly realized being Amelia Bedelia was slightly unrealistic. I really just wanted to be crazy and do different things everyday. Be a hustler. Be creative.

I went to school for business since hustling wasn’t an major option. Graduated and moved to Los Angeles. I had never been to LA, I just wanted a change, something fun and different and man, it has been. Started working at Enterprise Rent-A-Car because they gave me a job in two weeks and they provide YOU, yes you, with the tools you need to become your own boss. I worked there a year. Quit to backpack South America, broke my ankle playing rugby, didn’t go. Got another job, quit, became a freelance online marketer for dating sites, got sued by eHarmony, but traveled all over the world and spent all of the money I made.

Turns out, I’m just a creative. I have a day job, I get off at 3. Then I write, I do VoiceOver, Improv, stand-up, web series, sketch videos, random things. I keep myself entertained. I have an open mind and tomorrow I could pick up a new task. In 2012 I lost 65 pounds because I worked hard and I wanted to. I feel like whatever it is I do, is exactly where I want to be. To think about not following my dreams is overwhelming, to think about my life without creativity is depressing. Teachers in Texas probably wouldn’t recommend it. Do what you want and if you work hard enough, you’ll get there. Do you think I wanted to go to the gym everyday last and only eat healthy food in 2012? Hell no. But it turns out that set the tone and if I could do that, I can push myself to do anything.

I’ll tell you what I do now. I do what I want. Just fight for yourself. If you’re unhappy, make changes. It REALLY is just that easy. It’s you. Change things. Or, just sit at the job you don’t like and be grumpy. I don’t care and other people will start to not care either. It’s just you in this world. Get it.




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